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Meadowood-Napa-Valley-Aerial-Shot1I had a great visit to Meadowood in Napa earlier this year and wrote all about it over on Is there such a thing as healthy indulgence? On a recent visit to Meadowood Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, I made it my goal to find out. After arriving at the poolside spa and fitness center, I met up with spa director Kerry Brackett to try out Meadowood’s newly launched “Eco-Fitness” program. Designed as a personalized outdoor fitness class, this unique experience includes a trainer guided series of stretches, weights, and a hike through a portion of Meadowood’s stunning 250-acre property. Upon completion of the hour plus workout, I returned to the spa for a seasonal fresh juice drink with ingredients sourced directly from Meadowood’s organic gardens. Pumped up on sun sourced Vitamin D, fresh air, endorphins, and the gorgeous views of the Napa Valley, I was feeling pretty good after finishing my workout and more than ready for something cool and refreshing. My “Spring Blend” cold pressed juice was a fresh and flavorful combo of veggie goodness which included Chantenay & Kuroda Carrots, Red Cardinal Spinach, and Bronze Fennel. Having fulfilled the healthy portion of my “healthy indulgence” experiment, it was time to indulge. So after a sauna in the women’s locker room, I was ready for the next item on my agenda: a Valley Stone Massage. There’s probably nothing better than a good workout followed by a hot stone massage. Sore muscles melt under the weight and gentle warmth of the stones, while stress and tension dissolve like a hot knife cutting through butter. I particularly loved how my practitioner used a firm touch on my feet, which, post Eco-Fitness, particularly appreciated the deep pressure and extra attention. Basking in my massage haze, I decided to continue with the indulgence portion of my visit and so headed over to Meadowood’s lobby for complimentary wine and freshly baked cookies, offered every afternoon from 4:30-5:30. After enjoying a glass of red and a few delicious cookies, I wandered back to my gorgeous “Oakview” room to relax even more. Meadowood Hiking Trail1 300×200 Meadowood Resort and Spa: A Healthy Indulgence in Napa Valley While you could describe the rooms at Meadowood as “cabin style” it would a serious understatement. With spacious bathrooms (including a deep marble soaking tub and walk-in shower), silver fixtures, fireplace, a luscious bed, a view of the trees, and all the privacy you could ask for, Meadowood’s accomodations are nothing short of luxurious. Though Meadowood is known for its Michelin starred restaurant, I decided to venture into nearby St. Helena for a delicious and yes, indulgent, dinner that included an extremely satisfying pistachio milkshake for dessert. The next morning, fearing I’d tipped the balance and was veering a bit too far into the indulgent end of things, I set out determined to enjoy more of the broad range of health and fitness options at Meadowood. Though I had initially planned to take a yoga class (one of many indoor classes offered daily at the fitness center), I found I couldn’t resist a tennis lesson on one of the resort’s many outdoor courts. After my hour long lesson, I took one more sauna and then enjoyed a short walk around the grounds, ending my Meadowood experience in a happy state perfectly balanced somewhere between healthiness and indulgence.


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