Astrology at the Spa

0lu4vo5ifpm-greg-rakozy-e1481747403324Republished from Insider’s Guide to Spas

Who doesn’t enjoy a spa visit? Receiving the sensual pleasure of a massage or body treatment is one of the best ways to nurture ourselves, relax, and retreat from life. But a spa getaway that goes one step further, offering services that nurture spiritual connection and reflection, evolves from being just a “spa visit” and into something far more meaningful: an experience of self-discovery.

For me, there is no better medicine than relaxing in an environment designed to encourage growth and introspection, while at the same time being thoroughly cared for. Though there are many ways to cultivate this particular kind of experience at the spa (yoga, meditation, nature hikes), astrology, with it’s roots in the starry heavens, is probably one of the most unique.

As a tool of guidance and insight, an astrology reading can add a whole new layer to a spa experience . . .

When daily life is observed in relation to the planets, stars, and changing seasons, everything looks different, as our usual point of view shifts away from the details and towards a larger, and some would say, more “magical” perspective. This ancient art of sky symbols has been used for centuries by such notables as Queen Elizabeth and J.P. Morgan who famously quoted, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” As a tool of guidance and insight, an astrology reading can add a whole new layer to a spa experience, giving you surprising understanding about your basic character and life purpose.

What happens during a Spa Astrology Reading?

Before you meet, your astrologer will calculate your natal birth chart, using the date, time, and place of your birth which will create a circular wheel divided into 12 different houses. This chart is basically a map of the sky at the moment you were born.

If you look carefully at your chart you will see symbols for each of the 10 planets, as well as the symbols for the 12 signs, placed in the different houses. Every house rules over a different aspect of life, including: self, money/resources, communication, home/family, romance, health, marriage, sexuality, travel, work, community, and spirituality.

The placement of the planets and the signs in the various houses give more specific details about your unique life blueprint. But don’t worry if you don’t have planets in a particular house, this doesn’t mean you won’t have experiences related to this house, it just means those experiences may not be as important to your soul’s purpose as some of the more heavily emphasized houses.

Using the information from your birth chart, a trained astrologer will analyze the placement of the planets in the signs and houses, their relationship to each other, and their current placement in relation to the changing seasons and cycles. The interpretation of these different symbols in your chart can help you gain more understanding about your innate gifts and challenges, your life path, and your personal style of relating.

Predictive Astrology

Astrology can be used to help you choose the best times for important events in harmony with the cycles of nature, as well as give you a sense of the energies that may come to play in the future.

In a more predictive type of reading (Transit or Progressed Chart), a good astrologer will not try and scare you with facts and predictions that seem set in stone, instead they will help guide you through a set of potential set of “menu” options that you can choose from and work with according to your own free will. Astrology is a language of symbols, and symbols can be interpreted in many ways, so the best kind of astrologer will help you to interpret the symbols in your chart in a way that is both empowering and understandable (for example, by translating “astro-babble” into English or your preferred language of choice).

When preparing for your reading it can be helpful to have issues or questions that you want your reader to focus on, but this isn’t necessary if you just want a more general “taking stock” or life overview type of reading. However, if you are looking for insight into a particular area of your life, your astrologer can focus in greater detail on the house or planets ruling that theme, making your reading more relevant to your needs.

(Don’t know your birth time? Check this link out for help You will likely need to provide this information to the spa booking department at least 24 hours in advance.

Spas offering Astrology Readings

Canyon Ranch

El Monte Sagrado

Inn and Spa at Loreto

Miraval Resorts

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

Ventana Big Sur

La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa






  1. Very interesting post spaliciously~ I think astrology readings are a great service to add to a spa menu as long as the astrologist is qualified, detailed, and kind (as I know you are from just reading this post.) I’ve missed your articles, Heather…hope you write more often this year. One of your long-time fans–Mary Anderson (Your Skin Advisor) aka Nirvana Stone.

    • Hi Mary, Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words. I am hoping to write more this year also. I will be coming down to Southern California in a couple of weeks to review two properties in Desert Hot Springs for Insider’s Guide to Spas-I can’t wait!

      • Wonderful news Heather since we stay with a friend in Desert Hot Springs when we visit CA and would love to know some really good places to go for R & R–I’ll look forward to your post(s). And, thank you for liking my Simply Nirvana FB page–once you become a health, beauty and spa enthusiast, it becomes a passion.

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