Shedding Skin at SkinSpirit

I recently had a chance to check off one of the items on my “beauty bucket list” via a chemical peel from Skin Spirit in Mill Valley. Though I’ve had a number of fruit based peels over the years, I’d never experienced the deep, skin flaking, potential of a real chemical peel.
I was finally ready to lose a layer of my skin and with it, hopefully, some of the damage I’d done over the years with sun, diet and general wear and tear. After an initial consultation, where the Skin Spirit folks asked me some thoughtful questions and described the overall process, it was time to peel. My first move was to choose a time where I wouldn’t need to be out and about for a few days. As I learned, the skin usually starts to flake about a day or two after the actual peel and though it wasn’t terribly dramatic, shedding did occur. Lucky for me, I was able to hide out at home as I got through the worst of it.
Though nothing can turn back the clock, when I did finally re-emerge into the world it was with a fresher face and smoother overall texture. In fact, one of the first people I came upon after my return immediately commented on my skin, noting that I had a “glowy” look and asking me what I’d had done.
Naturally I referred her to Skin Spirit, which already has a reputation as being one of the best “medi-spas” in the area. Skin Spirit takes a careful approach to advanced skin care and I particularly loved how thoughtfully their practitioners explained the process and what I could expect from this treatment.
Skin Spirit offers a wide menu of medi-spa services including Botox, laser resurfacing, fillers and hair removal. They feature six locations, three in California and three in Washington state. You can schedule a complementary consultation by visiting their website: or calling 855.383.SKIN


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