Love your skin this Valentine’s Day with Skin Again product giveaway!


I’m happy to announce my first product giveaway featuring Skin Again soothing skin care. Products are fragrance-, paraben-, gluten- and cruelty-free. “Rescue” is designed to care for burns, post waxing, shaving, radiation, laser treatments or for cuts and scrapes. “Vanish” is good for cellulite, stretch Marks, and scars. “Youth” diminshes wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity and hyper-pigmentation. “Relief” is used for relieving itchy, red and inflamed skin, rashes and insect bites.

Skin Again uses a variety of herbs like chamomile, gingko, comfrey and other natural ingredients including fruit and vegetable extracts. Their founder Sherry Berry (love her name!), has a great story about how she came to make Skin Again. With a background in natural healing and energy work, Sherrie brings a holistic approach to skincare and combined with a unique product line and natural toxin-free ingredients, this one looks like a winner! To share the love and win a set of this skin soothing goodness, comment below and tell me what your favorite product is to use on a daily basis. Giveaway offer ends on February 19, 2014, so please comment by then.


22 thoughts on “Love your skin this Valentine’s Day with Skin Again product giveaway!

  1. These sound amazing! When I lived in Guelph I had access to products made by someone with herbs they grew and I’ve not yet found anything commercially available that comes close. My current favourite daily-use product is a lip balm I made with coconut oil, cocoa butter & beeswax from a friend’s top-bar hive (does that count?).

    1. I have read up on Skin Again’s products and am so impressed. I want to try them all! Right now my favorite product line to use is Paula’s Choice because of how gentle their products are. I am 8.5 months pregnant with my first child and my belly has some new found stretch marks. I would LOVE to lather it in some Skin Again Vanish cream!

    1. Hi Jeanette, thanks for commenting! I’m going to put the names in a hat and draw one next week-I’m guessing your favorite product are one of the yummy ones you made that I tried recently?

  2. These look great! I break out with anything with scent and am always looking for natural products. My current fave products are Obagi brand cleanser and toners. They are fairly pricy but worth not breaking out often and last a long time.

  3. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I like a nice mask once in awhile. I exfoliate. I’m REAlly big on Skin Care. I have been using, Rodan and Fields. I really want a product that doesn’t have an potential carcinogens in it. Soooo many products out there. Would love to try this.

  4. My current Favorite product to try is St.Ives shea butter and coconut mask. I have horrible dark spots and it seems to help with the smoothness and clearing off my skin.

  5. I really like Skyn Iceland’s cloud cream. Its light, but moisturizing. I would love to have a chance to try these products. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Danelle, this product line has some great ingredients-I haven’t tried the Youth yet, but I’ve been having really good results with the Relief for itchy skin.

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