Get Cozy at Kenwood Inn and Spa


I was cold, hungry and I’ll admit, more than just a little cranky when I arrived at the Kenwood Inn in Sonoma County, California, one cold winter day.

Walking into the Tuscan-inspired lobby, I made a beeline for the pot of hot-spiced tea and homemade biscotti waiting on the sideboard in the library, grateful to be back in this little slice of Italy tucked away off of Highway 12 in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country.

Like a deep-sea diver descending, it is sometimes necessary to relax in stages. Fortunately, Kenwood Inn has multiple levels of sensory pleasures available that help the decompression process unfold gently and gracefully, allowing guests to easily release stress and tension, one layer at a time.

As I unpacked in my gorgeous “Le Stanze Del Re” or “Room of the King” suite, warmed by the room’s blazing fire and soothed by views of the neighboring vineyards, I could feel myself slowly unwinding as the spirit of the inn begun to soothe my rough edges.
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