Not Your Grandma’s Lavender

If I had three beauty wishes, one of them would be a lifetime supply of Whish’s fabulous products. With the new Three Whishes Lavender Line, Whish has reintroduced Lavender with all the panache and style I’ve come to expect from this great company.

“Three Whishes” Lavender Body Butter and Body Wash provide you with a rich and moisturizing body experience from start to finish. Began with the “Three Whishes” Lavender Body Wash, which will brighten your shower or bath with a creamy foam and the deluxe smell of Lavender. Ingredients are designed for moisturizing  (organic aloe, shea and raspberry butter), cleansing (corn and wheat derived ingredients) and soothing (organic cucumber and marigold). You’ll step out of the shower feeling deliciously soft and clean.

Continue your Whish experience with the Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter. Like the Body Wash, the Body Butter is designed to moisturize with aloe, shea and rapberry butter, but also contains organic seaweed extract for firming and the antioxidant  powers of organic rice bran oil. Of course you probably already know that Lavender is relaxing, inflammation reducing and helpful in encouraging sleep.

Like all Whish products-Three Wishes Lavender are free from the big baddies: Parabens, Sulfates, DEA, TEA and Petrochemicals.

Check Whish out here:


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